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Day trips



Photo of castle, click here for better view

At the Prague railway-station Smíchov trains to Karlšteijn run regulary. It is a nice journey along beautiful railwaystations. It is a 30 minute walk from the station along  the mainstreet of the town Budrany (were many souvenirs are sold)  to the castle of Karlšteijn. The building of the castle started in 1348 and lasted to 1365. Karl 4th was the first inhabitant. You can visit it but only with a guide.


Photo of castle, click here for better view

The building of this castle started in the 14th century. The last occupant was archduke Frans Ferdinand d’Este. He married beneath with countess Žofie Chotková. They got sick of all the backbiters in Vienna, therefore they moved to the castle of  Konopište. He had huge fancy for hunting. Thousands of animal heads decorate the walls of the castle. You can visit the castle with a guide.


Photo of terezin, click here for better view

Something totally different is Terezin. In 1942 the town of Terezin started to function as a transit camp. Jews were accommodated and then send to concentrationcamps. Al together 150.000 Jews from Germany, the Czech republik, Slovakia, Denmark and the Netherlands end up in Terezin. 33.000 people died in Terezin itself, 84.000 were deported to other camps mainly to Auswitz.


Photo of podebrady, click here for better view

Podebrady is especially known as a health resort. It’s a nice quiete town, wich is worthwhile visiting on a sunny day when you have plenty of time on your holiday.

Prerov nab labem

Photo of prerov nab labem, click here for better view
The open-air museum of Prerov nab labem is one of the oldest of the Czech republic. You can have a look at farmers and village houses from the 18th and 19th century.


Sorry for the inhabitants of this town, but this town is not worthwhile visiting.