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Prague: museums

  • National technical museum



     The national technical museum can be found at Kostelni 42. This museum was founded in 1908 and 35.000 items (!) are exhibited. There  is a  collection of conveyances; several locomotives, mopeds and cars. The development of photography is demonstrated by several apparatus and photos.  Furthermore attention is paid to:
    · Chronometer;
    · Radio and television;
    · Astronomy;
    · Heavy industry;
    · Mining

  • The toymuseum



    At the Jirská in the Romberský palace close to the castle the toys-museum is established. Nice museum with dolls, trains and other toys.

  • Villa Bertramka:


    Photo of mozartmuseum, click here for better view

    Not really exciting but nevertheless worth visiting is Villa Betramka. This house was built in the century and Mozart stayed here several times during his stays in Prague. Several rooms are set up as Mozart museum.  On the photo the piano on which Mozart composed.... I don't know if this is really true. In the museum, several hairs of Mozart are exhibited.(?)
  • Policemuseum



    In a former cloister at the Ke Karlov 453, the policemuseum is established. This cloister has a troubled history. It was established in 1351 by Karel 4th. During the second world war,  when the friars had already had left the cloister, the psychiatric ward of the karls university was established in the building.
    Then the communist made it into a museum of national security. Later it was changed into the policemuseum where you can have a look at photos of murders and weapons.

  • Villa Amerika



    In Villa Amerika at Ke Karlova 10/462 the Antonín Dvorák museum is established. The house was built in 1717, and had many destinations since then: private house, eating-house, house for the poor and girls’ school. Antonín Dvorák himself never lived in this house. His huge correspondence and the original papers with his music are exhibited. There are several beautiful ceilings- and wall paintings.